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We're recruiting all players at the moment providing that they're friendly, can speak English and are relatively active. :)
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Welcome to True Glove!

    We are a casual and friendly PvE clan and guild playing on the Tortoise side of Spoon server.
    We're a group of friendly, active players from various timezones joining up and experiencing the world of Zentia together. As relatively new players (doubt any of us has been playing mcuh longer than a month) we're able to work through the game together, partaking in server events such as the Treasure Island and Ten Position Illusions, and helping eachother throguh quests and instances. Life Skills are also a major focus within the clan and we're often sharing materials so as to level up eachother's crafting skills and, in turn, share awesome weapons and armours amongst ourselves!

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Happy Holidays from Zentia - 200 Free Tokens

Mareyn, Dec 20, 10 3:12 PM.
Posted by Kate at the official Zentia forums:

Happy Holidays, Zentians! Most of you may notice a little bit of Christmas joy inside of your Token Shop menu -- 200 free tokens to help you celebrate the holiday! Enjoy!

Note: Over $50,000 in tokens given away. Not all accounts were winners.

Holiday Gifts

Mareyn, Dec 15, 10 2:20 PM.


The Christmas holiday was added to Zentia with the latest patch. Be sure to visit the Holiday Envoy in Serene, Pond or Capitol to get your daily holiday gift box. It contains all kinds of goodies! So far, we've had guildies receive a dance king book, lantian jades, certificates worth up to a gold piece...definitely worth opening! You can get these gifts once per day per character.

Also, Santa has been appearing throughout the world bestowing both gifts and experience upon players. So, get out there and play! Hopefully, St. Nick will pay you a visit.

Ruyi Cave

Sulfaros, Dec 5, 10 4:11 PM.
First Ruyi Cave run was a success, congrats to all who won loot and thanks for doign a great job. :) Despite wiping to teh final boss twice, we finally best her thanks to speedy runs back after dying.
We learnt a couple of things as a guild through our first Ruyi cave venture:
1. Never trust Hubris with the map of the layout of traps. :P
2. Make sure everyone is within the vicinity before looting the boss!!

Monster Spawn

Mareyn, Dec 4, 10 9:19 AM.

GM Krash is holding a monster spawn outside of Serene City on Dec. 10th, 3PM (assumed to be Pacific time.)

Friday, December 10th @ 2:00PM - 4:00PM
[Inconceivable: Tortoise/Hare] - 2:00PM
[Spoon: Tortoise/Hare] - 3:00PM

A Monster Spawn will be held outside the south side of Serene City!

Bring your friends and team up to defeat all the monsters! After one wave is defeated, another wave will be spawned! Simple, right?

Pickup Goblins will be spawned after each wave is defeated.

This event should last about 30-45 minutes per server.

Treasure Hunt!

Mareyn, Dec 3, 10 8:41 PM.
GM Krash is holding a treasure hunt in Serene on Weds. Dec 8th, at 2PM (assumed to be Pacific time.)


Wednesday, December 8th, 2:00PM - ~2:30PM

Treasure Hunt!

Hey everyone! I'm gonna give this event a shot and see what you think. I've heard that the Pickup Goblin is not the best prize to use as event rewards, but right now, that's all I have access to :/ So bear with me.

That being said, this event will simply be a Treasure Hunt in the Serene Zone. Everyone will have a chance to run out and find a huge pile of Lv 50 Pickup Goblins and beat the loot right out of 'em!

How it works

-There will be a list of 8 coordinates given out at the start of the event, in X,Y format. EX: [ 817,213 ]

-When you see these coordinates, it's up to you to decide which one is the lucky one!

-Travel to these coordinates in search of the one with the Goblins.

-Only 1 of these coordinates will contain any treasure. So if you find it, tell your friends where you are so they can come reap the rewards too!

-The event end will not be announced. The event will be over whenever someone finds the Goblins.

Hope to see you there!
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